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Science PlaY! for SPED Schools


KidsSTOP™, the Children’s Science Centre, is dedicated on enriching children aged 8 and below on their interest in science through purposeful and interactive play. With an exclusive 3,000 square metres gallery built to encourage playful exploration, KidsSTOP™ provides a safe and exciting environment for children to discover the wonders of the world.

At KidsSTOP™, we believe in providing an inclusive environment for all children to play and learn together. Our exhibits are designed to introduce concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through thematic zones where children can engage in collaborative learning and interactive play. Using creative drama and hands-on activities to communicate and teach science to young children, our programmes are structured around concepts based on the different zones at KidsSTOP.

Appropriately designed to engage children, our interesting programmes which incorporate SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Result-oriented, Time-bound) provide them with the opportunity to construct understanding of science concepts through first-hand experiences and playful exploration, guided by our dedicated educators. Through activities such as interactive story-telling, role play, puppetry, games, experiments and demonstrations, we aim to make learning positive, enjoyable and impactful for young children and inspire continuous engagement with science. 


Age Group: 5 – 9 years old


My Wonderful Body

Join Stuffie, our larger than life “health ambassador”, to learn about the digestive system.  Conducted in a safe and conducive environment, this programme includes highly interactive activities which make learning a whole lot of fun. 


Go Bananas

Join us for a fruity good time as children explore the juicy topic on fruits. Children will acquire scientific skills such as observing, predicting, classifying and sorting. They will also learn about colours, taste, shapes and sizes through an exciting and fruitful journey! 


Animal Kingdom Fun

Join us on an adventure in the amazing animal kingdom! Through multi-sensory activities, children learn about different animals characteristics and how some animals camouflage for survival. They will also get the opportunity to interact with chicks from the Critters Room. 


Sky Explorer! – Space and Flight

Whoosh! Sky Explorer! is a fun-filled programme where children embark on an exciting journey to learn about flight science through variety of play activities. They will also have an opportunity to create a simple flight machine and test it in the Space and Flight zone’s powerful wind tubes.


Job Express!

Unleash the creativity in children and get them to be budding chemists and builders! Using dramatic play and fun-filled activities, children will learn the skills and science behind the two occupations. These will enhance their inquiry skills, encourage self-expression and develop their confidence. 


Yummy Food!

Learn about healthy eating through fun and engaging ways! Children will gain a better understanding on what makes a good balanced diet from our ‘chefs’, and learn more about the properties of the different food groups through stories, games and exciting activities.


 Creepy Crawly Adventure!

Enter the world of creepy crawlies where children will get plenty of hands-on experiences learning about arthropods. Children will gain an understanding of the characteristics, life cycles and habitats of the creepy crawlies, and view specimens up close!    


Venue: KidsSTOP Party Room / Tinkering Room (Only on weekdays)


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